by Andrew Thompson

It’s 2020 and promotions have acquired a new way, including movies. Gone are the days when actors, directors, writers, and the film crew attended only a press conference to share the necessary details. Your audience today has become more critical than ever! For every movie maker and artist, their audience is their social currency, which they should earn and maintain well. Are you planning to promote your short film? If yes, you need to think of an intelligent social media marketing campaign and add Instagram as an integral social media platform for promotions.

Buy followers on Instagram

Followers are an essential aspect of your Instagram profile. If you have more followers, it will make more people aware of your short film project. That translates to better product awareness and visibility. However, not every movie maker starts with a considerable fan follower base. One has to work and opt-in for smart methods to add Instagram followers and likes. However, when you have a deadline to attend, it makes sense that you take professional help.

Today, there are professional service providers that allow film directors and moviemakers to followers on Instagram. You can choose the number of followers you want and keep adding at recurrent intervals. Choose the follower numbers depending on your requirement and browse online to connect with the best service provider. When your online audience finds that your profile has a decent follower base, they will follow you and share your profile with others. With more followers, your brand credibility and popularity increase, that acts in your favor.   

Reasons to promote your short film on Instagram

Are you thinking about why you should market your short film on Instagram? Instagram, as a social media platform, was aimed primarily to share high-quality pictures. The platform is perfect for sharing creative posts and projects, like a short film. If you still are in two minds, the following pointers might prove helpful.

1. A new-age audience

It’s the youth and millennials who watch short films and other experimental content online. So, when they find any intriguing content, such as short films on relevant and pertinent topics, they will most likely research it. Instagram is an excellent source to find all relevant content at a glance about movies and short films. You can share pictures and use relevant content to provide the necessary details to interest your audience in starting a conversation. And that will help you to get the required mileage and awareness required at the initial stages.

2. Advanced features

When you are on Instagram, you have the scope to make use of unique features, such as Instagram Story, Boomerang, grid-style photos, and also add to your highlights. You can use all these features at regular intervals to showcase your content creatively, which will appeal to your audience. Additionally, you can add and change the relevant movie trailer and other links in the bio. It will help your audience to check the link and share their feedback with you. 

3. Behind the scenes

The majority of the audience is interested in watching what goes on behind the scenes. Primarily, they love to see videos during shooting, where the actors rehearse their lines and make silly mistakes. You can compile a video of “behind the scene” moments and share it on your IGTV. If there’s an intense moment in the short film and you want to talk about it, you can make a short video and share it. It will stir up the audience’s interest, and they keep tuned in to the online release of the film.

4. Chat with the crew

A short film has a crew that includes actors, directors, scriptwriters, musicians, and the like! You can arrange live sessions with your crew members and allow the audience to interact with them. The audience can listen to insightful interviews and also ask their questions live. It will create a personal communication channel, which is an integral part of movie promotions in 2020. Once your audience feels connected with you, they will stay tuned to all the updates and share their valuable feedback that you can use on your next project. 

5. Polls and quizzes

Instagram also allows you to have fun and humorous conversations with your audience. If you want to add more to the usual discussions, you can arrange for online polls and quizzes about the film. It will increase user engagement and encourage your fans to take part in the online quiz. That way, you will get more online visibility and mileage, which will help you promote your short film better.

These are a few reasons why promoting your short film on Instagram will help you gain more followers and awareness. You can follow the steps mentioned above to add more followers and promote your movie or any other creative project on Instagram and enjoy the benefits.