(Image: screenrant.com)

(Image: screenrant.com)

6 Best Video Game Movies Of All Time

by Daniel Witman

Film critics often underestimate video game movies. But the truth is such films create an alternative reality and have a vast audience, consisting of gamers. Such movies serve to give us a deeper look into the gaming worlds we know and love. Players who use dota 2 bets can spend their money on movie tickets, and support the concept of making video movies. Also, some games do have an elaborate story that deserves to become a movie basis. Let’s look at the best ones that won the hearts of millions worldwide.


A film about a stoic killer with a shaved head and barcode tattoo doesn’t really sound like a concept that would get very far off the ground. But when it’s based on the intriguing stealth-action series of the same name, it becomes a much more credible concept. Games generally contain entertaining stories, while 2007’s Hitman captured much of the game’s feel.

Timothy Olyphant brought just the right amount of icy cold detachment and equal parts menacing killer to the role. Also, the movie has many slow-motion shots, creative kills, and attractive leading female. It brings the audience closer to the experience of the game on a big screen.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft was a pioneer of PlayStations original console and created one of the most recognizable and successful female gaming icons of all time. Her trademark shorts and tank top fitted Angelina Jolie perfectly and enthralled the fans. There was no other face in Hollywood that would be better for the role of Lara Croft. It was a perfect casting job for the sexy game hero. It worked because the film launched the video game movie craze in the early 2000s.

The 2001’s Tomb Raider was beautifully shot, full of great visuals, and over-the-top action. The intensity of events was much like the majority of the game series. Especially the combat scenes were impressive for the time. The movie achieved a bonafide financial success, but its lack of character depth kept it from becoming an enduring film.

Mortal Kombat

«Mortal Kombat» was the game series that broke the mold for violence in video games. It allowed players to perform fatalities and brutal assaults on the opponents. The general public criticized the game for being too violet. But this fact didn’t prevent the game from becoming one of the most popular ones. The movie took the original game story and many elements of the second edition. The film brought the audience into the reality of the Mortal Kombat tournament for the fate of Earth.

The movie characters were well-developed and highlighted. Screenwriters gave the heroes much more depth compared to the game, which made film great and memorable. Excellent fight scenes, inspiring locations, and techno soundtrack contributed to the success.

Silent Hill

This game has earned the reputation of one of the most terrifying video game series in existence. It brings mind-bending realities and tells a psychological horror story. It’s about a woman who goes looking for her stepdaughter in the spooky town of Silent Hill.

To turn a game into a film was a truly daunting task, but the filmmakers have beaten this challenge. The movie isn’t a straight translation, but it contains elements from various games in the series. The visuals were stunning. Creepy adventures were combined with the reality where evil embodies everything. The movie made viewers feel like they are inside of a very vivid nightmare. All that made watching a movie a pure joy for anyone who ever played the game.

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

The prince of Persia Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) is on the scene. Once he was a street urchin in Persia. Then he became a man who was chosen by gods to save his home country and people from evil forces. It’s an enjoyable movie that stays true to the game series. Disney stayed close to the game material and gave the audience a nice look into the world of “Prince of Persia”.

It tells viewers a story of the first “Sands Of Time” game and mixes this with some elements from “Warrior Within” and “Two Thrones”. Many spectators pointed out the film was a very Disney-like portrayal, and some of the casting-choices were rather questionable. The movie did extremely well overseas. Now it remains the highest-grossing video-game worldwide.

The Resident Evil Series

The story about the secret laboratory breached security, and the dangerous zombie virus has become so popular that filmmakers shot six parts. A film adaptation of video game series achieved success because of the original script, which took only basic game idea about the corporation Umbrella and living dead. The emphasis on the action, Milla Jovovich as the title character Alice, and amazing visual effects made all the films in the series worth watching.

The movies are not masterpieces, but they raised the bar for the whole industry. The former employee of Umbrella and then warrior with superpowers Alice fought for humanity on the silver screen from 2002 to 2016. The Resident Evil Series showed that it’s possible to make a decent movie franchise based on video games.


Warcraft is probably one of the most popular movies on the list. It has a complicated story based on a famous video game. It deals with orcs trying to save their race, dark magic works, ancient gods, people, elves, and war between them. Many gamers worldwide loved seeing their favorite gaming Universe on a silver screen.

Warcraft is one of that games people play for decades. By the way, the director Duncan Jones is a fan of the Warcraft Universe. His knowledge of the series was apparent in this film. Maybe that’s why the movie had great commercial success, especially in China.


Modern video games movies are more than guilty pleasure entertainment. Such films put the atmosphere and magic of the game world on the screen, making characters deeper and the story – more exciting and eventful. Movie studios understand that video games are great for adaptation, and are just waiting to be shared with a new audience. For that reason, soon we’ll have more video games movies that are worth watching.


Daniel Witman is a passionate journalist who has contributed to major media publications. He enjoys writing about eSports and other topics that bother modern men. Currently, he’s serving as an editor for dota2-bets.net.