Best Films to Watch for Students of Music Faculty

by Kelly Pethick

Pursuing your professional goals at college is an engaging process. Academic life is intricate, however: from academic writing, which prompts students to look for a good essay writer, to hated finals that distress them! And it gets especially thrilling when you study at a music faculty, which is much more than just an academic field – it’s an educational, entertaining experience that gives you valuable skills and knowledge while making your life brighter and more enjoyable. And, as a student and fan of music, you must love watching films that reflect your vocational and academic preferences! Yes, we are referring to films about music and would like to enrich your must-see films list with some inspiring flicks about this wonderful aspect of human life.

Whiplash – 2014

To attain mastery in music and make your way to the top as an acclaimed musician, you have to endure pressure, humiliation, and sometimes jealousy from others. You also have to tolerate the harsh, intimidating training methods from your genius mentor. But what should you do when their style of mentoring borders on bullying and violence? How do you keep yourself together in your rigorous studies while maintaining your own sanity, which is at risk because of your ruthless trainer? As the Grand Jury Prize winner at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Whiplash is a notable movie that introduces you to the rigors and challenges of a musician’s career.

Bohemian Rhapsody – 2018

The troubled yet legendary life of one of the most impactful and idolized rock stars ever is portrayed colorfully in this epic biopic introduced in late 2019. The film recounts the most remarkable days from the life of Freddy Mercury and provides a captivating narration of his rise to fame in his life of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. The film spans the Queen frontman’s first undertakings as a rock performer to the band’s iconic performance at the Live Aid concert. Incorporating Freddy’s noteworthy performances brilliantly portrayed by Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody provides an informative and accurate look at the phenomenon of Queen and Mercury in particular.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It – 2009

Months prior to his untimely death, the Pop King had been preparing for us a mind-blowing show of the same name: This Is It. The show was planned as Michael Jackson’s grand farewell to his legendary music and dancing career. But this wasn’t meant to be – having completed a large number of draining rehearsals and provocative interviews, Michael tragically passed away, depriving the world of witnessing his masterful choreography and singing for the last time, now as part of his universal goodbye party.

But it’s only Michael’s live, real-time performances that his audience never got to see. The singer’s major rehearsals, interviews, and other activities connected with the show’s preparation were captured and presented to the world following his shocking death. “This Is It” features the rare footage of Michael Jackson’s dance and vocal shows involved in his rehearsals, fulfilling the singer’s dream to be seen and admired in his farewell show, which eventually turned out to have a somewhat different format and be a farewell not only to Michael’s epic career but also to his life.

How the Beatles Changed the World – 2017

This film is about the rock legend that, back at the time, shook music culture with its unprecedented style and irresistible charm. The Beatles remain one of the most influential and revolutionary bands to date that literally changed the way the world approached music, discovered it, and treated it at large. This notable documentary provides an account of the becoming of the Beatles, focusing on each of the members of the high-profile band, and introduces the viewer to rare archival videos of the band at different periods of the members’ career. For its 1.5-hour runtime, it fuses entertainment and insight into the history of how the modern music industry was made.

Take Pleasure in Watching!

As a student armed with our smart selection of films about music, you will substantially broaden your knowledge in the music industry as well as deepen your perception of music, too. Make sure to spend a cozy evening with your loved ones watching one of the entertaining flicks covered in this article. Films about music demonstrate that the two major cultural spheres of human interest can hardly function without each other – cinematography wouldn’t be as successful and remarkable without music and movies that are actually about music, while the music industry would never have its multifaceted image and popularity without its artful representation in the products of cinematography.