Image by    athree23    from    Pixabay

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

The Top Five Dating Movies with Valuable Lessons

by Daniel Korolija

Movies provide us with an easy source of escapism. It’s fun watching our actors work through sticky situations. While they’re not always realistic, films often help us work through our issues because some provide valuable lessons. In this post, we’ll look at the top online dating movies and some of the lessons they teach us.

You’ve Got Mail

This movie is practically ancient because it dates back to 1998. The age isn’t important, because it’s still relevant today. It features Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks looking for love. This was the first time Hollywood dealt with online dating.

It was fun watching these two overcome the awkwardness of dating in the internet era. The lesson was that love might be closer than you think if you’re open to it.

Must Love Dogs

Another older movie, starring Diane Lane and John Cusack as the would-be lovers. The film centers on the family wanting to find a love match for Diane’s character. They set up an online profile without her knowledge, landing her a string of awkward dates.

The lesson from this movie is that you must put yourself out there. An excellent secondary lesson is that you never know who you’re dealing with on the internet. Cusack’s character pretends to own a dog so that he “fits” her profile requirements. It’s a misadventure full of funny misunderstandings showing that you can never make assumptions about anyone. 

Because I Said So

In this movie, Diane Keaton portrays an interfering mother. She sets up an online dating profile to find a boyfriend for her daughter. She then interviews potential mates and sets up accidental encounters for them to meet her daughter.

The lesson to learn is that sometimes your family is a better judge of a potential match than you are.

Napoleon Dynamite

Another cult classic, this film focuses on Napoleon and his brother Kip. The main focus of the movie is on Napoleon and his school life. The interesting subplot is that Kip meets the love of his life online, but she lives miles away. Kip now needs to make money fast so that he can meet this woman in person. 

He eventually makes enough money to bring her to town and they end up getting married. The lesson we learn from this movie is that long-distance relationships are complicated. Sometimes, however, things work out.

Sex Drive

This movie features a fair amount of dark humor. It centers on Ian and how he meets Miss Right online. He lied a lot to get her interested but decides to deal with that when they meet in person. He and two friends take his brother’s car on a road trip to meet Miss Right.

As it turns out, Ian wasn’t the only one lying. Miss Right had her eye on the car. The lesson from this movie is that you must do your research before the meeting.

According to dating stats, 53% of women and 39% of men think online dating is dangerous. People with ulterior motives is one of the reasons why.

Hard Candy

Be warned; Hard Candy might scare you off online dating forever. It’s a disturbing movie all round. Jeff is a 32-year old pervert who meets 14-year old Hayley for coffee. The conversation turns sexual, and Jeff lures the teenager to his home.

Keep watching if you dare. There’s a big twist with this one. The lesson? You never know what someone’s true intentions are online. There are also plenty of perverts out there.

It’s a Wrap

These are all older movies, but the lessons that they teach are all valuable ones. Most of us have experienced the “joy” of internet dating. This range of films demonstrates the potential ups and downs perfectly.