Top 6 Documentaries About Cryptocurrency YOU NEED TO WATCH

The emergency of different cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, has impacted the way people view money. Cryptocurrency can be used for asset trading as well as making payments. Some people have heard about cryptocurrency but for fear of the unknown and security reasons, they are skeptical about adopting this type of currency.

Trading Cryptocurrency

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency trading, you should choose the right platform that is characterized by innovative technology. As seen on the bitcoin loophole, there are trading platforms that designed both automated and manual cryptocurrency for different types of users. If you choose a trading platform that uses the right software, you can easily make money by investing in the minimum amount of funds, time, and effort. 

However, some people still do not know how cryptocurrency functions. Luckily, there are dozens of documentaries and films specifically produced to enlighten people about cryptocurrency. Here are the top 6 documentaries about cryptocurrency you need to watch.

1. Life On Bitcoin

This 96-minute film questions if people can survive on Bitcoin using it as a means to purchase all their daily necessities. The documentary is based on an experiment that was conducted over 100 days, and it helps the viewers to make informed decisions when they choose Bitcoin. 

2. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin

The documentary outlines the continuous rise of Bitcoin against the backdrop of other challenges that characterized the cryptocurrency market between 2012 and 2013. The documentary enlightens the viewers about how Bitcoin achieved its physical face and how it gained acceptance in the mining industry. 

3. Bitcoin In Uganda – Empowering People

This is a powerful documentary that shows how Bitcoin is also empowering people in different countries across the globe, including those in third world countries. The documentary is about a boy who gets money in the form of Bitcoin from a relative in the US to fund his studies. 

4. The Bitcoin Story

If you are one of the people who do not understand the significance of Bitcoin, then this is a must-watch documentary. It comprises conversations that cover the creation of Bitcoin as well as the technology behind it. The documentary also outlines the role of Bitcoin in the future of the finance sector. 


5. Bitcoin – The End Of Money As We Know It

This is 60 minutes long, and it explores how blockchain technology has been known to disrupt the financial system. It also talks about the history of money, highlighting how bartering was used as a medium of exchange. While the film does not offer definitive answers to different questions, it raises critical questions about the different roles that will be played by cryptocurrencies in the future financial world. 

6. Banking On Bitcoin

This is another documentary that questions what money is. The document outlines that money is an accounting system that can be tampered with as a result of its centralization. Money can easily become a dysfunctional, fraudulent, and corrupt system. The documentary explains that Bitcoin is one money system that is free of corruption and tampering. 

Documentaries about cryptocurrencies help the viewers to gain insight into the different factors that shape this new currency market. This is why documentaries come in handy to help people gain an understanding of how cryptocurrencies function.