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Understanding the Success of the Rocky Series

Since the first installment released in 1976, the Rocky series has developed into a global phenomenon that has been enjoyed throughout the generations. It has spawned a further seven films, inspired millions to whack a punching bag, and it even saw creator and Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone, being inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.   

There’s just one question: Why has it been so successful? It got off to a great start – the original Rocky film scooped Best Picture at the Oscars. However, many films have won an Oscar or Golden Globe and failed to build an everlasting legacy like Rocky. While not every movie in the series has been a hit – the less said about Rocky V, the better – it continues to churn out box office successes. The most recent was spin-off Creed II in 2018. 

Grounded in realism 

Each Rocky movie takes on the same general structure. Although as research by Betway Casino shows, there’s no need to change the formula if it’s perfect first time around. Here’s a breakdown of why the series is so successful. 

Okay, the robot in Rocky IV was silly. The same could also be said for Rocky’s boxer vs wrestler battle with Thunderlips in the film before that, or the fact he had to retire due to a brain injury yet this miraculously disappeared, and he could fight again – 16 years later. 

Yet at the heart of it, Rocky has a realistic side that makes people believe in the story and characters. The same can also be said for the fight scenes – an aspect that improved from Rocky Balboa onwards. 

A captivating hero

Rocky Balboa is one of the all-time great movie heroes. Despite his rough background, it’s clear for viewers to see from the start that he has a heart of gold and plays the people’s champion role to a tee. With these qualities and his underdog status, it makes it easy for the audience to cheer him on against his rivals Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, etc. 

The fights are gripping 

Even if they do throw in a bit of hokeyness now and then – Rocky taunting Lang to knock him out comes to mind – each fight in the Rocky series is a gripping, exciting affair. Each film takes the unpredictable and action-packed nature of boxing, ramps it up, and supplies a thriller with plenty of twists and turns. 

A triumphant end

The final piece of the Rocky puzzle is the triumphant conclusion. Even when Rocky doesn’t win the fight at the end of each film – as is the case in Rocky and Rocky Balboa – he is still the victor due to his own personal goals. 

As a result, the viewer always has something to celebrate before the end credits roll. This positive climax, after investing time and emotion into Rocky’s struggles before each movie-ending fight, ensures that viewers are satisfied with what they’ve seen. 

Well, unless they’ve just finished Rocky V